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Rosenbauer XR Dealer Kit

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Rosenbauer XR Dealer Kit is the first generation to launch the entire RBA network into the XR space.   These XR Dealer kits will allow your team to engage with current and perspective clients like never before.  Specially designed to work with show room the XR Dealer kits will afford you the ability to:

  Highlight Rosenbauer key features,

Create RBA brand engagements opportunities,

Accelerate “Pre Con” meetings,

Reduce travel costs,

Conduct remote chassis, midpoint, and final inspections!

Included in each kit:

  • Pelican Case 1550 W/Custom Foam
  • One (1) RosenbauerXR  Virtual Reality Headset
  • One (1) VR Stand
  • Two (2) VR Controllers
  • One (1) Miracast Dongle (Stream your VR headset to TV)
  • Complete Charging Cables
  • Cleaning Wipe
  • One (1) Year Support

Our commitment to the RBA Dealer network included with this yearly service is ongoing support, updates, self setup videos, and hardware upgrades as technology changes. Are you worried about being stuck with outdated technology?  The XR Dealer kit is designed knowing that the XR industry is changing rapidly and the dealers shouldn’t need to focus on tracking the next headset or platform.  We do the work for you, we will exchange the headsets and equipment as technology changes, currently we are looking at 18-24 month kit updates subject to 3rd party technology changes.  This is a service, not a product. IMPORTANT: By purchasing this yearly service you agree to all terms and conditions outlined in the waiver of liability here. This service is nonrefundable.

What is “XR”? Technology-mediated experiences that combine virtual and real-world environments and realities. Here the ‘X’ can be seen as a placeholder for V(R), A(R) or M(R), though it also represents an undefined or variable quality/quantity. XR covers the hardware, software, methods, and experience that make virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), cinematic reality and others a reality. Most definitions of XR encompass platforms and content where the user can take digital objects into reality, or, conversely, see physical objects as present in a digital scene.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 9 × 17 in